Christine Watkins

I started painting in the mid-1990s, mostly because I so
loved looking at paintings that I thought it would be marvelous to try making
one. I’ve made many since then, and am still surprised each time one emerges
from the alchemy of mind, eyes, hands, and pigment. Working primarily in oils,
my work almost always draws on something seen, but altered by both accident and
design. Today many of the images and compositions are evocative of Italy, thought
not necessarily in any representative way. It’s a place where I’ve spent much
of my life, and where I’m most at home—the look and feel of the place, the
language, the food and the people who cook it, the grapes and the people who
grow them, the voices and music I hear, the sound and smell of the sea almost
everywhere. Images and juxtapositions come from a word or phrase that I can’t
get out of my head, from objects that catch my eye and won’t let go.






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July 30, 2021