Kris Lange

Painting is my passion and I see art in everything, from beautiful scenery, world travels, or in an entertaining social situation. Acrylic and watercolor are my current focus, but I also dabble in alcohol ink, pottery, and textiles. I often paint for hours, losing myself in the method, far gone is the time as I realize the clock’s hands swung past midnight many nights per week.

As a fairly new, self-taught artist, I’m drawn to all subject matter and all mediums, wanting to devour everything and anything, attempting to find my own voice. I take many art classes to improve my artistic hand. At present, comical portraits in ink and acrylic have caught my eye, trying to capture the eccentricities, complexities, and humor of human behavior. I love the wrestle with light, shadow, measurements, and expressions.





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July 30, 2021