Toberson and the Matron
Come join us at Solar Arts as we host a special evening of art and music featuring a live artist talk with painter Debra Ripp. Witness the enchantment of her characters Toberson and the Matron in the “Same Forest” up close, as well as getting the chance to discuss the artwork.
Located in the charming Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, for this special evening pop in and enjoy the open studios from 5-9PM, then head on down to Indeed Brewing Company on the building’s first floor for a delicious crafted beverage.
You won’t want to miss out on this dynamic night that celebrates both art and music, so join us at Solar Arts Building for a truly unforgettable experience.
Toberson and the Matron: Exploring the “Same Forest” through Debra Ripp’s Art
Live Music 2nd floor stage: 5-8pm TBD
Artist Talk with Debra Ripp 8:30pm-9pm
About the artist: My name is Debra Ripp. I am an artist who works in Collage and Assemblage mediums. The “Same Forest “ has been the focus of my work since 2016. However, the origins of this project date back to my studies at The University of Iowa where I earned my Masters of Fine Art. To begin with, I wanted to find out more about some of the characters I had created, what do they look like once I take them from the drawing and create dimensions for them, who are they and what does the territory look like as they pass through it. Most of all. where do they come from and what does that world look like?
I take a lot of inspiration from a lifelong love of literature and I think that my work is strongly influenced by my reading of these works. Candide by Voltaire is my favorite!
*Kids and families welcome. Open to the public. Free.