Lucienne “Lucy” Spalding Schroepfer/ Luce Quilts.

A newer artist at Solar Arts, I continue to pinch myself asking if this is all really real—partaking in the art family on the second floor. I feel so lucky to be here!

Originally from Cambridge, MA I was steeped in the arts through childhood. Originally focusing on music, I discovered fabrics, quilting and thread 20 years ago and have never looked back.

Whether experimenting with patchwork and color, creating fabric paintings, or long-arm quilting, my work showcases bold colors with a broad bouquet of thread and texture. Inspiration comes from places, books, and the fabric itself.

Most fun for me is witnessing the surprise from folks realizing, only up-close, my paintings are in fact fabric. Often framing pieces without glass, I like to remind folks my art is washable.


Lucy is a member of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild, MN Quilters, Dakota Star Country Quilters, NEEMA, St. Paul Art Collective, and the Mpls, Textile Center. She lives in Saint Paul and Studios at home and Solar Arts. Wearing her “mum” vs. “artist” hat—she enjoys life with her husband, three teens, and mutt “Lulu”.





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March 30, 2022