Burkhart Design Studio

My design inspiration comes from the look and texture of ancient and current mosaics, quilts, nature, fine art, and architecture. Gemstones featuring unusual cuts and rich color as well as colored glass provide the palette for my work.

I’ve been working as a professional jeweler since 1979. I studied in Texas and first worked at a diamond importer. I have worked as a jewelry designer and bench jeweler at independently-owned jewelry stores, setting stones and manufacturing custom designs from concept to finished product.

Micro mosaics were very popular in Italy at the turn of the 20th century. I became interested in creating micro mosaics yet because it is a dying art form, I couldn’t find any information on the technique. I developed my own technique with a modern twist and call them Modern Micro Mosaics. To create a mosaic I hand cut strands of colored glass, set them into a hand fabricated sterling silver bezel, and then grind and polish the glass surface to a smooth finish. While tedious, I find the process very calming and the jewelry unique.

In addition to the Modern Micro Mosaics, I also work in gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, and colored gemstones. I work directly with the client to create a personal one of a kind design from inception to the finished piece.







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May 4, 2021