Imagine a group of artists getting together to create.. now being tasked to make Molotov Cocktails? Imagine creating a deadly weapon with other artists? As artists we create things with our hands & heads, now imagine that energy being used to protect and destroy. Imagine something YOU created killing another?
How can we understand war if we don’t make ourselves confront these types of questions?
May 5th, Solar Arts will be hosting a Molotov Cocktail Hour. Artwork will be displayed for visitors to buy and all proceeds being sent to the non-profit of choice by the artist. There will be QR codes made for each cocktail directing buyers to the suggested webpage for a donation. Whatever is not “sold” 5/5 will remain on display through Art-A-Whirl.
We are inviting artists outside Solar to join in our effort. Drop-offs can be done via a friend participating who is studio’ing at Solar Arts, at 4pm or later 5/5 or arranged individually by texting or emailing Lucy Schroepfer 651-231-0984/ Email
No cost to participate. Free to attend. Kids & families welcome. 5-9pm. 2nd floor.
Art studios & galleries open featuring live music by Matt Yetter.