This evocative collection highlights the beauty and power of illustrations as a medium for storytelling and self-expression.
From The Heart: A sojourn into the soul of Victor Yepez – an evening of art and soul, hosted by the Solar Arts Building. Join us as we celebrate a special collection of sketches and drawings by the master Victor Yepez, a multifaceted artist who expresses his love for life as a muralist, painter, sculptor, and musician. Victor’s creations embody the essence of creativity, evoking soulful emotions with loads of inspiration. From 5-9 pm immerse yourself in the beauty of his artwork, accompanied by the soulful melodies of live music.
Experience the love & passion that Victor Yepez has for the arts during an artist talk at 8:30 pm. Visit over 30+ artists with Open Studios & Galleries. Free and open to the public. Kids & families welcome.
Live Music 2nd floor Gallery Stage: TBD
5-8 pm
About the artist: Victor Yepez resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with an art studio in the Solar Arts Building. Through his work as a sculptor and muralist as well as an art teacher, Victor Yepez has exposed many people to the power and healing that art can provide. Found objects and recycled materials, especially metal, influence many of Yepez’s sculptures while rich colors and movement are hallmarks of his murals. Victor graduated with a degree in sculpture and printmaking from the School of Fine Arts, Central University in Quito, Ecuador.
From The Heart