Join us at the Solar Arts Building’s First Thursday event for an evening of art, music, and celebration in honor of Pride Month! From 5 to 9 PM, immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere as we showcase the talent and creativity of local artists.
Located on the second floor, our special Pride Exhibition by Art To Change the World on the gallery walls embraces the powerful theme of body images. Experience the thought-provoking artworks created by LGBTQIA2s+ artists and allies, as they explore the complexities of body perception, self-acceptance, and beauty standards. This exhibition challenges societal norms and encourages conversations around body positivity and inclusivity.
In addition to the captivating body image art, our open art studios and galleries will be welcoming visitors. Step into the artists’ creative spaces, witness their artistic process, and engage in meaningful conversations about their inspirations and techniques. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with the local art community and support artists.
As you explore the Solar Arts Building you’ll also be treated to live music performances throughout the evening, creating a harmonious backdrop for the event. Let the melodies and rhythms enhance your experience as you immerse yourself in the powerful and inclusive atmosphere.
2nd Floor Gallery Stage
5:30 Daniel Defoe
6:30 Emmy Woods
7:30 Kaat Campbell
To make the occasion even more memorable, make a pit stop at Indeed Brewing Company, located on the first floor. Grab a drink, mingle with fellow art enthusiasts, and savor the fusion of art and community.
Don’t miss out on this incredible celebration of art, pride, and togetherness. Join us on the First Thursday of June, from 5 to 9 PM, at the Solar Arts Building.
Free and open to the public. Kids and families are welcome.
First Thursday Arts