If you are craving creativity, you need to see Lynn Fellman.

If you want art that engages, you need to see Lynn Fellman.

And if you go to her studio, she will talk to you. She will ask you questions.

And you will like it. And you will love her art.

“I work with scientists to communicate their research through art, design, and various media.”

Who Lynn is as an artist and how she goes about that is a bit difficult to explain. The research her art brings to life centers around human genetics and the world of understanding being unlocked as the field expands.

The media she uses to convey that understanding varies from silk hangings and portraits to movies and speeches. ”When I give a talk, I consider it as much a work of art as anything that would be on the wall or any other visual media.”

I have seen a PowerPoint presentation that can only be described as a work of art.

While you can get a sense of Lynn Fellman by asking who she is as an artist and how she expresses herself, I found the way to truly expose the creativity, passion, and heart of her work is to ask her why she does it.

“I love learning, and I love being a part of a revolution,” she says. Her conversations are as layered as her art, and she is talking simultaneously about the evolution of modern science, art, and communication. ”This stuff is transforming our world, and you and I are in that when it’s happening. There is nothing more fascinating than being a part of the fast-moving worlds of digital media and science, and I feel like I am being a part of that discovery process.”

That discovery process is central to how Lynn views art, as well. To her, the act of discovering art runs parallel with discovering things about yourself and the world. As a result, she says that art is not always something that one can simply experience then walk away from. ”I don’t do art for entertainment,” she says. ”I want people to be part of these science-art cultural conversations.”

That participation and discovery means something specific to Lynn. ”I want people to walk home from a trip to the Northeast with a piece of art they bought. There are over 600 artists here. Find something that you like, that means something to you, and take it home.”

You can learn more about Lynn and her work at her website.