Discover the grandeur and mystique of the color blue! Immerse yourself in a sea of blues, from sapphire to navy.  Utilize your imagination while admiring the splendor and symbolic meaning of this potent color.
Did you know that blue is often associated with tranquility and harmony? In many parts of the world, blue is a calming and peaceful color that can be seen incorporated into everyday life.
“BLUE” at Solar Arts will feature a wide range of art and mediums all focused around the color blue in this special gallery show.
BLUE: An Exploration of Color & Contemplation (main gallery 2nd floor)
Featuring Live Music on the 2nd floor stage:
12:30pm Haas Vetta
1:30pm Jerry Esnough
2:30pm Max Rewitzer
3:30pm Allison Eykholt
4:30pm Soot & Scratch
Shop Open Art Studios from over 30+ artists. Explore your inner self through visual arts such as paintings, jewelry, sculptures, textiles, and more. While you’re here, make sure to check out Indeed Brewing Company on the first floor for some great beers.
Free and open to the public. Kids and families welcome.
BlueClosing Reception March 11th 12-5pm