If you are craving creativity, you need to see Lynn Fellman. If you want art that engages, you need to see Lynn Fellman. And if you go to her studio, she will talk to you. She will ask you questions. And you will like it. And you will love her art. “I work with scientists.. read more →

You look at the cast-iron doors to the coal fired boiler and think, “This is one of the Greenest buildings in Minneapolis?” The boiler doors are decorative now, of course, kept as a reminder of the history of the building and the neighborhood, and of how far we have come. They fit in perfectly with.. read more →

“I don’t paint places. I want to make something beautiful, to make something that escapes definition and explanation. I try to evoke emotions, to reach for what is felt rather than understood.” Susan Wagner Ginter does far more than try to evoke emotions in her work. You can get lost in her oil on canvas.. read more →