James Nutt

“I love what can be done with an energetic line, an eye on the proportions, and just 3 primaries to mix from. For me, these limits let me concentrate on the relationships in front of me and helps me squeeze art into the rare still places in the day.”

My wife and I are both architects/artist and share this studio.  We moved from NW Arkansas in 2001 to “don’t you know how cold it is up there” Minneapolis.  We love it here and I even enjoy the cold. Best of all I still have my accent.

I draw constantly and carry a small kit with me everywhere.  I was that kid in class and I am that guy in meetings now.  I became an architect so that I could make drawings become real. Art scratches a very deep itch for me and for the past two years I have drawn everyday.  I am very active in the Urban Sketchers movement and various art groups online.

My focus is in capturing the story and energy of places and ordinary things.  I enjoy using line work to provide energy and depth, deliberate proportion to for harmony, and I love the challenge of a limited color palette.

James Nutt, AIA is an architect, artist, instructor and constant sketcher. He practices architecture at NewStudio Architecture and teaches at the White Bear Center for the Arts.

James is very active in the urban sketchers community and invited blogger.



He has designed award-winning buildings around the twin cities and has reignited his original passion for creating and sharing art through pencil, pen, watercolor, and iPad sketching. James blogs his art work, materials, and especially process.